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This page highlights some of the sons and grandsons of Anderson McClerkin, the progenitor of the McFamily. From these sons and grandsons, and others not depicted, descended the McClerklins, McClurkins, McLerkins, McClurklins, McLurkins and those others who comprise the McFamily. They each deserve "equal time" in the spotlight,  to allow other family members to learn previously unknown facts about our proud heritage.

Jesse McClurkin

This is Jesse McClurkin, son of Anderson and Lucinda McClerkin. Jesse was born in Chester County, South Carolina on July 1, 1884.  Early in life he moved to Fairfield County and established his home in the Ridgeway Community. He was married to Miss Emma Hunter in 1908 and had 12 children, some of who are; Pearl, Rosa, Alberta, Thelma, Lillie, John, Otis. He was active at Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church including singing in the choir and serving as a Deacon. Jesse died on October 8, 1967 survived by his children and grandchildren. IF ANYONE HAS A DECENT PICTURE, PLEASE SHARE IT WITH ME!!


John Anderson McClurkin
Born: April 15, 1898
Died: Sept 1, 1979

John was the youngest child born to Anderson and Suenie McClurkin. His mother died when he was an infant. John worked on the railroad for many years, travelling the country in that capacity. He curtailed his travelling to marry and settle down with his childhood sweetheart, Emma Crosby, in Chester, S.C. (Family lore has it that he was given an ultimatum). John and Emma had eight children; Willie, Suenie, John, Pansy, Robert, Lugenia, Donald, and Mary Emma. John also had scores of grandchildren, who referred to him affectionly as "Gramps". John was called to preach the gospel, and served as the Pastor of Boyd Hill Baptist Church in Rock Hill, S.C. for many years.


This is Rev. Ebenezer McClurklin, born January 12 1897 in Fairfield County, S.C., died January 2, 1967 at Rock Hill, S.C. Ebenezer was the son of Daniel McClerkin and the brother of Aaron and Daniel Jr. Ebenezer professed faith in the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ during his youth and joined Bethlehem Baptist Church at Ridgway. S.C. and eventually became its Pastor. After moving to Rock Hill, he joined Boyd Hill Baptist Church where he worked in the Sunday School and served in many other capacities within the Church. Ebenezer was married to Laura with whom he had seven children, Lily Bell, Homie Bell, James, Willie, Thomas and Joseph who survived him, his son Ebenezer Jr. having predeceased his father. He was later married to Ella McClurklin, who was his wife at the time of his death. You will notice yet another spelling (McClurklin) of our name.  While it is not clear what the source of these variations is,  some of the theories are set forth on the previous page.  IF ANYONE HAS A DECENT PICTURE TO SHARE, PLEASE LET ME HAVE IT!!!!

Aaron McClerklin

Aaron McClerklin was the eldest of the children born to Daniel McClerkin, the son of Anderson and Lucinda McClerkin. (The difference in spelling is discussed on the page entitled "A Brief Family History"). Aaron was born on February 17 1890 in Chester, S.C., and moved to Ridgeway, S.C. after his mother died. He met and married Mattie Crumpton in Simpson, S.C. They moved to Columbia where they raised seven children; Willie, Elijah, James, Aaron II, Almeta, Louise and Lenzo. Aaron was the most prolific among his siblings, and had in addition to seven children, 22 Grandchildren, 50 Great-Grandchildren, and 27 Great-Great-Grandchildren, to date. He was a devoted family man and an avid fisherman, who could often be seen walking miles to his favorite fishing hole with one or more of his grandchildren in tow. He was a Deacon at Second Nazareth Baptist Church in Columbia, where he remained a member until his death on March 27, 1975 in Columbia. Aaron was a retired railroad worker and was referred to as "Papa" by his beloved children and grandchildren.


Rev. Daniel (Dan) McClurkin, Jr., was born on October 11, 1894 in Chester, S.C. and died December 15, 1971 in Washington, D.C. where he was Pastor of Zion Hill Baptist Church. Dan had five children, George, Carrie Bertha, Magalene, Sunnie, and Daniel, with his first wife, Emma. 
His second wife and widow, Bernice McClurkin, with whom he had no children, still resides in Washington, D.C. He is the brother of Aaron McClerklin and Ebenezer McClurklin.

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