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Special Recognition

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Recognition of Excellence 


Pianelius M. Foster-Howell ("Penny") was recently certified as  a Church Administrator, having completed the Church Administration Certification Program sponsored by Equipping Ministries (International Association of Certified Church Administrators). Church Administration is one of the critical foundational components for churches. It establishes safeguards, internal controls, team ministry, and necessary buffers for the Senior Pastor that enables the Pastor to thrive and survive in ministry. With her certification, Penny will be consulting with churches of various denominations to assist them in this essential area of ministry. This is a "first" in our McFamily, and Penny continues to be a credit to the family.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY".

Penny currently serves as Director of Operations at New Mount Olive Baptist Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida where Dr. Marcus D. Davidson serves as Senior Pastor.

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McFamily, I introduce to some of you and present to the remainder, Ms. Arnechia Lael Davis, soon to be "Minister" Davis, and at age 19, the youngest of the McFamily to answer the call to the Ministry. Arnechia graduated from Chester Senior High School on May 31, 2012. She celebrated her 19th birthday on September 22, 2012 and preached her initial sermon the next day, September 23, 2012, at 2:00 PM at Victorious House of Praise, 870 Saluda Street, Rock Hill, S.C. 29732 (located at Parkers Funeral Home Chapel) where the Pastor is Pastor B.N. Jordan.

Arnechia is the daughter of Ms. Kenyetta Adrryll Sims and Marcellus
Jackson.She is the Granddaughter of John & Jacqueline Chisholm, Great Granddaughter of Mrs. Pansy Williams, and Great-Great Granddaughter of  the late Rev. John & Mrs. Emma McClurkin.

Our collective McFamily CONGRATULATIONS and PRAYERS go out to this Child of God, who we know will be in His service for many years to come. What a mighty God we serve!!

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Dr. Veronical McClurkin, pictured below, is truly "putting her money where her mouth is", as she and other like-minded Dentists are reaching out and sharing their blessings with the underserved of various parts of Africa. Veronical is President and founder of "Dentists Delivering Service", and a credit to, and personification of, the McFamily tradition of never forgetting where we came from, and "there but for the Grace of God...."   The entire McFamily joins in a collective well-deserved and hearty "CONGRATULATIONS and WELL DONE, Veronical, and our prayers will always be with you for the marvelous and selfless work you are doing". 


Dentists Delivering Service (DDS) was founded August 21, 2009, by a dentist that observed patients with various dental maladies while participating in a medical mission in Embu, Kenya.  These patients were unable to get emergency or routine dental care due to economics and geographical location.

During the Embu mission, Dr. Veronical McClurkin encountered a female patient suffering from a facial growth of dental origin for more than 15 years.  Along with her co-worker, Dr. Lynda Mixon, fees for surgery and post operative care were paid in full to Embu Hospital for removal of the patient’s cervical tumor.  It was then Dr. McClurkin decided to form an organization to deliver dental services to those unable to access dental health care.

Dentists Delivering Service is a non-profit organization consisting of volunteers that travel to 3rd world countries to provide services in areas that have no infra-structure to support dental clinics or offices.

December 02, 2009, DDS completed a two week mission in Kisii, Kenya.  More than 100 people received treatment for dental emergencies. In 2010, DDS will travel to Nairobi, Kenya to provide preventive and basic preventive dental health to more than 200 orphans of Motherly Care Children’s Home.  The group will also deliver lectures on dental health and disease to several schools local to Embu, Kenya.  Click on the link below and enjoy the DDS Video.

Dentists Delivering Service Video

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