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Salute To Our Military Members
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If you are serving in the military or know of a  military family member not listed on this page, please provide as much information as you may have, including a picture, as we don't want to omit anyone.


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There are a number of our McFamily members serving our country in various branches of the military services.  On this page we will give tribute to those members and express our pride and gratitude for their contributions to the security and peace we enjoy. As more information is obtained from them, it will be posted on this page. 

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Private Jonathan Belton graduated from Basic Combat Training on May 22, 2003 at Fort Leonard Wood Mo. with A Company 148 INF BN, and is currently in Advanced Individual Training (AIT) to become a Construction Equipment Repairman.  He is a "Platoon Sergeant", and will be returning to Charlotte N.C. where he will continue his military service with the 505th Engineer Battalion. You may write to Jonathan at:   
        PVT. Jonathan Belton
        B Co. 169 Engineer Bn.
        2d Plt Class 35 62B
        Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. 65473

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Veronical McClurkin, U.S. Army (Uncle Dan's granddaughter)
Iric J. McClurkin is a Petty Officerf 3d Class serving on the USS Nimitz CVN 68, an antiaircraft carrier.
Iric has served in the Navy since November 2002, and is  a Weapons Elevator Technician on the carrier. He is scheduled to leave the service in November, 2006. A big McFamily salute to Iric!

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