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On this page are included some interesting family photos. If you have photos you'd like to share with other family members, please send them to me and I'll post them here.

Cuddling Angelene

Isn't she lovely?  This little beauty is Angelene Mary Bailey, who is 5 years old "going on 15", according to her father, Willie McClurkin, Jr. (a/k/a "Billy"). Standing with her (below) is "big brother" Darryl. It is said that as an infant, she looked a lot like her other big bro', William, who should consider that as a compliment, as she is sho' 'nuff a cutie pie. We love you, Angel.

Darryl and Angelene
Snacking Angelene

Our Future

Erin, Bambi and Cookie (N.C. Beauties!)


Now if this isn't the cutest little "Pumpkin"! This little darling, Kasey, is the granddaughter of Darlene and Willie ("Papa Willie") McClurkin, Jr. and is their daughter, Bobbi's child. What a smile!


Tony McClurkin with 2-year old Nyahlia and newborn Tzaddi


These handsome dudes are twins Cody and Corey Proctor. The "intruder" in the middle is their cousin, Heather Giles, who never met a camera she didn't like! Hamming it up and having fun!

Willie and Odessa McClurkin

Willie Jr. and Darlene McClurkin

Penny McClurkin Howell

Just Chillin'
Herman "Jimmy" Blake & Donnie McClurkin

Meet identical triplets, Jeremy, Jonah and Joshua McClerklin

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This lovely girl is Cara Proctor. As you can see in the picture above, she is busy preparing for the Easter Bunny. Equipped with her dye and tools, and plenty of eggs, she is being mommy's little helper. In the picture below Cara is cavorting with her cousin, Ethan. Cara is the daughter of Joshua and Kimberly Proctor, and grand-daughter of Horace and Cassandra McClerklin.

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You are looking at twins Corey and Cody Proctor (Cara's "big brothers") . These two are in the second grade at Colson Elementary School in Brandon, Florida. Very active, they are playing basketball, soccer, and baseball, and are now Cub Scouts (Scout's Honor!). They have earned several badges and are moving up the ladder.  Future Scout Masters?  Keep up the good work, boys!

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Andrea, Donnie, Ethel, George and Betty August '03 Charlotte N.C after concert

These two beauties are first cousins, Blyss and Malia, born to Aaron McClerklin's dughter, Alina and his son, Kevin, respectively.


"Girl Talk"


Alina holding Blyss; Kevin & Mary marveling over Malia, their new bundle of joy. Captivated!



Malia at two days. Snoozin'.

Big Sister Malia with little bro Marcus Aaron

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