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A Brief Family History
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Where the story begins...

Our Patriarch, Anderson McClerkin was born in Chester, South Carolina in 1840. He took as his bride a lovely young lady named Lucinda or "Lucy", and later he was married to Peggy. Together they raised a number of children, namely: Laura, Susan, Margaret, Daniel, Eliza, Anderson Jr., Etta, Simon, Dasky, Shirley, Jesse, William and John Anderson.  Those off-spring migrated to various parts of South Carolina, including Chester, Columbia, Ridgeway, Fairfield, and others to Washington. D.C., Baltimore, and other locations which we are still discovering, where they raised families.
Deeply rooted in faith in God and submissive to His will, those early McClerklins, McClurkins, McLerkins, McLerklins, McLurkins and those known by whatever other derivation or variation of the name, despite the advesities they suffered, persevered, resolute in their determination to "overcome" those adversities.
While there is no clear or conclusive answer or consensus as to the reason for the various spellings of our name, it is generally felt that as some of our ancestors, predictably, were illiterate due to their circumstances, someone else probably spelled the name for them phonetically, and it was adopted by them as such.  As others encountered the same situation, another time, another place, another phonetic spelling, and yet another variation resulted.  As well, it was common at that time for our babies to have been delivered by Midwives, whose duties included originating and recording birth records.  They too, in some cases, were illiterate or of limited education, which may have contributed to the problem. In my research I have also found disparities in the spelling of the name of the same person from one census to the next, indicating that the census takers also contributed to this problem
Nothwithstanding the variations in spelling of the name, we are ONE family which has spawned Doctors, Dentists, Lawyers, Educators, Ministers, Pastors, Recording Artists, Musicians, Entertainers, Athletes, Military Officers and NCOs, Government Officials, Administrators and other notables. We give PRAISE to God, the Author and Finisher of our faith for these accomplishments!
As represented by the graphic on the Home Page, the McFamily, through intermarriage, has become a very diverse family and includes, in addition to Blacks, White, German, Hispanic and Japanese members, and no doubt others will join us.  Hopefully this diversity will help bridge the gap between and among those various heritages and cultures and make us a stronger and better McFamily.
This site is dedicated to those of our ancestors, named and un-named, known and unknown, who through their sacrifices and suffering, made this possible, and who most assuredly smile down upon us with justifiable pride.

The known surnames McClerklin, McClurkin, McClerkin, McLerkin, McLerklin and McLurkin may not represent the complete list, and as others are confirmed, they will be added

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